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Telecoms Training

Noel Aynsley consultant, trainer and designer in telecommunications.

Noel’s Consultancy provides quality training, assessment and design for the telecommunications industry.
Private additional practical instruction and field experience is very popular, to add to the minimum 360 hours for the Open registration.
Tailor made training to suit individuals or business. Evaluating existing skills, to match with industry and job requirements. Advise on any gaps in knowledge or skills that may exist and suggest appropriate training.
Our training covers skills for carrier networks, residential and commercial cabling/equipment, optical fibre, copper, coaxial cabling wifi and basic IP/IT for router/modem installers.

Noel Aynsley and Synergy Telecoms Training is not a Registered Training Company or registered RTO.

However we can make valued suggestions and recommendations as to the appropriate RTO and or training for your requirements. As an individual or business do you require mentoring, assistance or understanding of the ACMA and National qualifications. Telecommunications quickly change as new technologies emerge.
Don’t wait – get trained and up-skilled now.


Synergy telecoms Training is a small specialised operation focusing on quality training covering modern practices in telecommunications, design and cabling appraisal.

I have a wealth of experience in the industry and share my knowledge and skills with cablers, technicians, electricians, students in a manner that is interesting and easy to understand.

I am a registered cable assessor for job appraisal to ACMA, industry and OEM standards. As certified on the TITAB data base. Servicing private, business and corporate.

Consulting in the cabling infrastructure for residential, business or government on the compliance and integrity of the work performed and materials used. For RTOs, I am available to assist them in training or design as a contractor or part time.


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