About Us

We are a small specialised company focusing on quality training covering “modern” practices and national qualifications in the telecommunications industry.

I have a wealth of experience in the industry and share my knowledge and skills with cablers, technicians, electricians, students in a manner that is interesting and easy to understand.

I am a registered Assessor through TITAB and can offer audit services to businesses and government. Consulting on the telecommunications infrastructure requirements and auditing existing installations for compliance and integrity of the work performed.

Noel Aynsley

In Summary:

I am an experienced telecommunications professional with expertise in training and development. Skilled in delivering effective training programs for telecommunications and systems. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Course design and assessment.
Actively involved in field work covering telecommunications equipment, programming and cabling. Both A side and B side of network and customer.


Originally qualified as a technical teacher at PSB level via Telecom Australia North Strathfield Training School. 1986.

Current TAE Cert 4 with updated LLN and Course design.

Field technician and supervisor.

Qualified as a technical lines/technician in telecommunications both CPE and Cabling.

Diploma of Telecommunications and Cert 3 telecoms. (See below).


Freelance trainer in telecommunications
Contract technician. Adhoc work.

Develop and deliver training programs for telecommunications technologies and systems.
Conduct needs assessments to identify training needs and customise programs accordingly.
Collaborate with clients to ensure training programs meet their specific requirements.
Provide ongoing support to clients and trainees to ensure successful implementation of training.
Actively carry out, field technical work
Sales and account management for training and telecommunications services.

Business history

Aquatel Advanced Communications. (ex) Owner, technician, employer

April 2000 through to July 2023.

Installed, tested, and maintained telecommunications equipment and systems.
Troubleshot and resolved technical issues in a timely manner.
Carrier, building and campus cabling.
Structured cable quotations.
Contract technical training
Synergy Telecoms Training Oct 2022 (current) Sole proprietor, no employees.

Contract trainer across various RTOs. Current RTOs as required.
Can assist with the development of training materials and documentation.
Able to participate in training programs to enhance trainee knowledge and skills.
RTOs I have worked with over the past years.

JB Hunter
Electro Skills